1. I am a highly motivated person
  2. I always strive to get things done on time
  3. Motivation comes naturally to me
  4. I am energized and inspired at the beginning of every day
  5. I am highly ambitious, determined, and focused
  6. I get motivated easily
  7. Inspiration comes naturally to me
  8. I project an aura of energy, drive, and enthusiasm
  9. My positive drive and boundless energy motivates those around me
  10. Every day, and in every way, I am becoming more and more inspired
  11. I always find inspiration just when I need it
  12. I am growing more enthusiastic each and every day
  13. I am turning into a naturally motivated person
  14. My endless drive makes me dedicated and focused
  15. I am hugely ambitious and productive
  16. I am becoming someone who is energised and determined
  17. I am a naturally motivated, ambitious person
  18. I am enthused in all areas of my life
  19. Enthusiasm is a natural state of mind to me
  20. Inspiration is a natural part of my life
  21. Every day, I am more driven and more motivated
  22. Every morning, I awake refreshed and excited to face the day
  23. Being driven is a part of who I am
  24. I enjoy striving to reach my goals
  25. Being motivated is my natural state of mind
  26. Being determined and enthusiastic comes naturally to me
  27. I feel so inspired and energized, I know that I can achieve anything
  28. Motivation is a vital part of my daily life
  29. I am striving for success.
  30. I am driven and I naturally attract great success.
  31. Motivation helps me make smart decisions.
  32. I am ready to take calculated risks.
  33. Inspiration makes me a naturally successful person.
  34. I am determined, intelligent and courageous.
  35. I am confident and focused on finishing my tasks.
  36. My mind is clear, focused and motivated.
  37. Because I am so driven I am able to get more done.
  38. I am inspired to become a better person.
  39. I am ambitious, energized and full of vitality.
  40. I am striving for positive change.
  41. I am motivated to be successful in life
  42. My day begins and ends with enthusiasm.
  43. Because I’m determined my life gets better all the time.
  44. Inspiration comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  45. Today, I choose to be fired up
  46. I am motivated
  47. Enthusiasm gives me the power, to create change in my life.
  48. I am brimming with drive and energy.
  49. I am determined to achieve great things today.
  50. Motivation helps me overcome any challenge I face.