50 Affirmations for Confidence

Use these 50 Affirmations for confidence to build inner strength and create a more positive self-image.


For the best results, do these affirmations daily.


  1. I am a confident person
  2. I have the knowledge to make smart decisions for myself
  3. I am, and always will be, enough
  4. I believe in my own self-worth
  5. I am courageous and I am willing to face my fears
  6. I trust my intuition and I always make wise decisions.
  7. No matter what I do, I do it confidently
  8. My confidence grows every day
  9. I have everything I need to face any obstacles
  10. I confidently meet any problem head on
  11. I feel self-assured at all times
  12. I can let go of old, negative beliefs that have stood in the way of my success
  13. I take on new challenges and feel calm, confident, and powerful.
  14. I am fearless
  15. I have the courage to create positive change in my life.
  16. Others look up to me because of my confidence
  17. Feeling confident and assured is a part of my everyday life
  18. I am energetic and enthusiastic. Confidence is my second nature
  19. I am confident
  20. My mind is clear of self-doubt, and I am ready to embrace every challenge
  21. I am worthy
  22. I will triumph over all situations
  23. I face each day with unshakeable confidence
  24. I believe in myself
  25. I have complete confidence in myself
  26. I go after what I want in life
  27. I wake up each morning feeling self-assured and confident
  28. I am outgoing and confident in social situations
  29. I am limitless
  30. I always stand up for myself and my beliefs
  31. I am a confident person and nothing can stop me
  32. I speak my mind confidently and without hesitation
  33. I am determined
  34. I have confidence in every decision I make
  35. I am a strong and powerful person
  36. I am naturally confident
  37. I have unbreakable confidence within myself
  38. I have the respect of my colleagues because of my confidence
  39. I enjoy being confident and outgoing
  40. I impress others with my assertiveness
  41. Confidence empowers me to live life to the full
  42. When I see something I want, I just go for it without hesitation
  43. Developing confidence will improve my life
  44. Anything is possible because I believe in myself.
  45. My confidence increases each and every day
  46. I trust my judgement and my ability to succeed
  47. Every day I become more confident, powerful, and assertive
  48. I confidently express my thoughts and opinions
  49. I meet difficult situations with confident action
  50. I always stand up for what I believe in

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